Cycle to Work

At The Cycle Room we’re participants in the scheme through and now CyclePlus.

It’s a really cost effective way of getting your hands on a new bike and accessories and it’s a straightforward process too. Savings under the scheme can be over 40%, though this depends on your personal tax position.

Here’s how it works in practice with Cyclescheme:

  1. Come into store, choose your bike, & accessories and receive a written quote from us.
  2. Request your scheme voucher online from Cyclescheme or your employer.
  3. Your employer approves your purchase and pays Cyclescheme for the bike/accessories.
  4. You receive your hire agreement for signature and your scheme voucher.
  5. You redeem your voucher in store and pick up your bike and accessories.
  6. Your employer implements the salary sacrifice via payroll for the 12 months of the hire agreement.

You can read more about the schemes at and or just come and see us and we’ll go through the details.

We’ve put together a selection of our bike recommendations for Cycle to Work.  Most are within the usual £1,000 limit, but you can go over this by simply paying the difference between the retail price and the £1,000 when you pick up the bike.  Some employers allow their employees to make the salary sacrifice savings on bikes costing more than £1,000 – to find out if this applies to you, just check with your HR Dept or contact Cyclescheme or CyclePlus.