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2016 Whyte T130 RS Write Up

Recently I was given the opportunity to ride the latest Whyte T130 RS up in the Surrey Hills. At first I was a little apprehensive of the bikes capabilities, having ridden a 160mm travel Trek Slash for the last couple of months. However, these initial doubts were very quickly put to bed.

We began the ride with a long climb out of Ewhurst to the summit of Pitch Hill; this incorporated a long section of road climbing and then a very steep and rooty section of climbing off road. The T130 was incredible. The bike just seemed to glide to the summit no problem at all, even when the trail seemed to point vertically upwards the bike just kept on going. The front end never lifted once and the rear end remained planted at all times.

After we reached the summit we dropped in to a short but steep, loamy decent back down to the road. Given that the bike only has 130mm of travel it felt extremely capable. Never did I find myself wishing that I had more travel and the Rockshox Pike eats up everything. Within one trail this bike had shattered any pre-conceived ideas I’d had about shorter travel bikes. As soon I’d pointed it downhill it just took off and less travel made it feel so nimble. It was darting between trees and railing switchbacks like there was no tomorrow. It felt poised and balanced which was fantastic. As we popped back out onto the road at the bottom I was grinning ear to ear, this bike is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Having ridden the bike over a variety of terrain and covered a fair distance over the course of the day I can confirm that this bike has changed the way I think about short travel trail bikes. It’s just so agile and eager to push on, no matter what you place in front of it. The T130 tackles jumps with ease, smashes corners to pieces and always leaves you wanting to head over and hit that last trail on the way home.

In conclusion the 2016 Whyte T130 RS is an absolute trail weapon. It will gladly take on any trail you place in front of it and leave you with a huge grin on your face. The spec is also fantastic. The Rockshox suspension suits the bike down to the ground, the XT brakes provide plenty of stopping power – which you’re guaranteed to need with this bike, and the XT drive train feels solid and reliable. Overall this bike is an incredible package and is perfect for shredding up in the Surrey Hills. Considering most trail bikes are now around the 160mm travel mark, it’s refreshing and a whole lot of fun to ride a shorter travel trail bike- especially when it’s as good as this one!